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The Clarke County School System believes that
all children can learn and that opportunities
must be provided for every student.
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Topic Department Phone
Accidents: School Buses/System Vehicles Mr. Michael Bedsole 251-250-2130
Accounts Payable Mrs. Charity Brunson 251-250-2155
Attendance Zone Determination Mr. Michael Bedsole 251-250-2130
Bid List / Requirements Mrs. Carmen Rotch 251-250-2155
Budget Information Mrs. Carmen Rotch 251-250-2155
Bus Driver Recertification Mr. Michael Bedsole 251-250-2130
Bus Route Information Mr. Michael Bedsole 251-250-2130
Career Coach Ms. Maggie Dailey
Career Tech Mrs. Ashlie Flowers 251-250-2155
Child Abuse Allegation/Reports Clarke County DHR 251-275-7001
Child Nutrition Program (CNP) Mrs. Mallory Phillippi 251-250-2155
Curriculum/Instruction 251-250-2155
E-Mail Passwords and ID's Mr. Ricky Prine or Mr. Robert Hagood 251 246-1930 or 251-250-2121
Employee Benefits Mrs. Carmen Rotch or Mrs. Elissa Brown 251-250-2155
Employment Issues Mrs. Elissa Brown 251-250-2155
ESL Mrs. Angie Jordan 251-250-2155
Facility Maintenance Mr. Larry Weaver
Federal Programs Mrs. Gwen Powell 251-250-2155
Fixed Assets Mrs. Carmen Rotch 251-250-2155
GED Anthonell Abrams - ASCC 334-637-3181
Gifted Program Mrs. Angie Jordan 251-250-2155
Homeless/Migrant Liaison Mrs. Gwen Powell 251-250-2155
Insurance Information Mrs. Carmen Rotch or Mrs. Elissa Brown 251-250-2155
Parenting Programs Mrs. Gwen Powell 251-250-2155
Payroll Information Mrs. Elissa Brown 251-250-2155
Pre-Kindergarten Program Mrs. Angie Jordan 251-250-2155
Psychological Testing Mrs. Angie Jordan 251-250-2155
Purchase Orders Mrs. Charity Brunson 251-250-2155
Safe Schools Tip Line Anonymous Tip Line 888-SAV-KIDS (888-728-5437)
School/System Improvement Plans Mrs. Lenette Tarleton 251-250-2155
Section 504 Mrs. Angie Jordan 251-250-2155
Sick Leave Bank Mrs. Elissa Brown 251-250-2155
STI Help Desk Mrs. Jackie Newsom 251-250-2121
Student Records (closed schools) Mrs. Vera Chapman 251-250-2155
Technology Maintenance Mr. James Gissendanner 251-246-1930
Textbooks Mr. Michael Bedsole 251-250-2130
Transportation - Buses Mr. Michael Bedsole 251-250-2130
Vendors/Purchasing Mrs. Charity Brunson 251-250-2155
Verification of Employment Mrs. Elissa Brown 251-250-2155
Wage & Hour Issues Mrs. Elissa Brown 251-250-2155
Webpage - District Mr. Robert Hagood 251-250-2121
Work Permits for Students Mrs. Vera Chapman 251-250-2155
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